About me

 and the short version

of how I got to here.

Charlie Horton

Hello, my name is Charlie Horton. I'm a senior citizen - (79 and counting). I live in Brenham, Texas and play music in retirement communities in SE Texas. I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas at 12:30 am, January 24th, 1940. I don't remember anything about the birth experience but from what I've heard it must have been quite exciting - in a terrifying sort of way. Don't worry, I'm not going to tell my whole life story. When you get my age there is just too much information for and Internet about page. Anyway, I'm here.

I've played music ever since I was in elementary school. (That poor band teacher) I didn't get serious about it until I met a man from Kentucky in the Air Force. He played guitar and sang country music. I loved it and began learning to play bass and the guitar. 

I've played professionally off and on since. I spent a time on the road with a western swing band in the early 60's and I played six nights a week on Bourbon St. in New Orleans. Along the way I took time off to get married and father three children. They have presented me with 10 grandchildren and - (I can't believe this) - 24 great grandchildren. (Can't imagine they haven't figured out what's causing it yet.) 

In 2005 hurricane Katrina pretty much wiped out my house in Covington, Louisiana - (directly across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans) - and I moved to Texas fully intending to go back, but that never happened. I fell in love with Texas and am now a Texan by choice. 

My music playing pretty much stopped after I turned 70, but I never lost the desire to play for someone other than myself. In a conversation, a friend mentioned retirement homes. I looked in to it and found a whole new life full of the most appreciative and fun audiences I've ever known. I've been at it almost three years now. 97 shows my first year, 151 my second year and  196 my third year.  My fourth year, 2019, is looking good.

​Blessed with good health, I plan to continue playing and singing as long as I can possibly do it and as long as i can find a place to play.

A Senior Singing For Seniors