The Bourbon Street 3/4 Blues - The Zydeco Stomp - Mr. Right Now - The Sounds       of Leaving - Thinkin' Bout You Again - The Gypsy - A Honky Tonk Love Affair - Still     On My Mind - Blues On The Run - Life's Too Short To Dance With Ugly Women -       Nothing Compounds The Blues Like The Rain.

   My experiences listening to new music is always an interesting one.  I'm located in     the bayous of Louisiana on my way to California, and an opportunity arose to '           better' my Wi-Fi internet connection at the campground I'm in.  That led to meeting     a guy named Charlie Horton (no relation to Johnny) who not only takes care of the     Wi-Fi but is also a successful author (mostly romantic-mystery love affairs), and         also a songwriter of note.  First song out of the chute is a remarkable 'story song'       about a kind of Mr. Bojangles guy, only this time it's a Bourbon Street Cowboy.  It's     a heart toucher, right off the bat.  Like nearly all really good songwriters, Charlie is     not a very good salesman of his works, but he definitely knows how to write good       story songs.  He drifts between good traditional country to an interesting zydeco         style.  He did a lot of the recording backing music in Nashville, but I like the 'mix'         that he did himself on his own computer.  I really like the harmonica work on "Mr.       Right Now" which is a direct connect to blues with a great traditional country touch.     I also really like the way Charlie has incorporated a very country style chord               arrangement and then utilizing outside influences to change it just enough to make     it really interesting.  This is very apparent in "Thinkin' Bout You Again."  A little             Jimmy Buffet 'style' appears on 'The Gypsy' making it fun to listen to, and a little         Johnny Cash 'style' appears on "Still On My Mind" making the experience' truly           valid.  This might be my 'pick' on this session.  It's a love story gone wrong, and         how true is that in the millions of country songs about the same topic.  All of these       very original songs are experiences Charlie Horton has experienced.  I find this           kind of 'writing' the most interesting.  There are many hackers' in Nashville today         who write exactly what the 'boss' says to write, and nearly all of that turns out             exactly as it was meant to turn out.... badly.  For me the real' songwriter is the one     who writes what he pleases, from real life, from experiences, from influences               directly affecting his/her lifestyle and life.  That's what Charlie Horton is putting           down on tape with words he knows only too well.  The day I listened to this CD it         began to rain like crazy in southwest Louisiana.  Had to wade through eight or nine     inches of water just to get to the bathroom.  Nothing quite like 'Nothing                         Compounds the Blues Like The Rain" which is a very different rain' experience           than it is up in Iowa, or for instance the desert outside of Tucson. Good going             Charlie, off this one goes to the Rural Roots Music Commission.  They are going       to be surprised to hear such interesting music, still retaining the 'honesty' of early       country music coming out of Louisiana.





Here's a CD review for my CD The Bourbon Street 3/4 Blues. Occasionally I include a song from it in my senior entertainment shows.


Charlie Horton

CD Review

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