A Senior Singing For Seniors

Alicia Cargile Photography -

(My thanks to Alicia for taking the photos for my website. She is a true artist.) 

Chace Krzenski - 

(A multi-talented guy and a very good friend - One in a million.)

Ashley and David Hadsell -

(Ashley and David Hadsell are the kind of people we'd all like to be..)

Aaron Loesch -

(Without a doubt the best guitar player I've ever known. The above link shows his) (winning performance in the Guitar Center's 2007 King of the Blues national contest.)

Steven Marshall -

(Great singer and rhythm guitar player. Puts his all into a performance.)

Allan's Automotive -

(A good, honest automobile mechanic. I trust him completely.)

Lee McGraw - 

(Sculpture, painting and more. -  A fine multi-discipline artist. Lee does it all.)


Dahvar Hakimzadeh -

(If you can imagine it, Dahvar can build it.)

​Jack Carr -

(Jack will blow your mind - Great.)

The Risky Liver Band -

(This is one of the best & tightest bands in the business.)

Brick Yard Kane Band -

(Good musicians and memorable original music. I love this band.)

Iron Rations -

(This group is great & it is totally a family affair. Check them out.)

                   Charlie Horton

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